Нечуям - Путеводитель

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Next to the church is a simple stone house, which once belonged to a friend of the poet Marko Marulic, who also used to reside in it. It features a memorial collection of Marko Marulic; the father of Croatian literature. In front of the house is a memorial pillar dedicated to Petar Hektorovic, a poet and a writer, who right here found inspiration for his works of art.

The coves around Necujam are a great potential for development of nautical and day-trip tourism. The cove of Necujam is one of the larger on Solta so most of the sounds get lost in it. The Latin name of this place is Vallis Surda – deaf cove, because of its size.

Even the emperor Diocletian knew about the quality of the local seas of Solta and under its surface we can see the remains of the walls by which the cove was enclosed and turned into a fishery of the great emperor.

The beach in Necujam is the largest on the whole island. It was artificially pebbled. The beach is regularly maintained and cleaned and there are also showers, two beach buffets, water slide, rent-a-boat, fast-food, tennis courts, and table tennis.

Besides the traditional fishermen's fiesta as the most important one, many various entertainment programs are organized during the tourist season. Sports and recreation enthusiasts are offered tennis courts and miniature golf. Necujam offers excellent fishing and water sports opportunities and excursions.

Necujam also offers a restaurant, pizzeria, swimming pools, caffe-bar, pastry shop, tavern, disco-bar, supermarket, volleyball playground, Tourist board office, post office and an exchange office.

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